The Rotary Leadership Institute
of Northeast America
Subject Author
Oct. 2012 RLI-NEA Annual Mtg minutes Bradford Jett
2012 RLI-NEA Registration/Payment web guide Marlene Brown
2012-13 Calendar of Events  
2012-13 RLI-NEA Brochure front / Brochure back  
2012 RLI Annual Breakfast Meeting in Bangkok Thailand
Knut Johnsen
2011-12 RLI-NEA Calendar of Events
Bradford Jett
Aug. 2011, RLI-NEA Annual Meeting Toni McAndrew
June 2009, RLI-NEA Newsletter Marlene Brown
Summer 2009, Sunshine Newsletter D. R. Maymon
July 2008, RLI-NEA Newsletter Marlene Brown
Sept. 2008 Zone Membership Blog Dan Spencer / Mark Kriebel
Sept. 2008 RLI International eNews Dave Linett
June 18th, 2008 RLI Annual Breakfast, Los Angeles Mike Rabasca
Jan. 2008, RLI-NEA Newsletter Marlene Brown
Jan. 2008, Breaking News on Zone Realignment Mike McGovern
Sept. 19 & 20, 2008, RLI-NE Annual Meeting, Ramada Inn, Newburgh, NY Dan Spencer
Sat. Jan. 26, 2008: RLI Annual Officers Meeting, Newburgh, NY Dan Spencer
Fri./Sat. Sept. 7th/8th, 2007: RLI Annual Meeting memo, Newburgh Dan Spencer
Sat., July 21st, 2007: RLI NEA Summer Officers Mtg., Newburgh Dan Spencer
June 30, 2007, Thank you letter from Bunnee Webb  
June 17, 2007, Northland Breakfast Tickets, Salt Lake City, Utah Knut Johnsen
Jan. 13, 2007, RLI-NE Officers Meeting, Newburgh, NY Ward Vuillemot
Nov. '06 Ft Lee, NJ Rotarian Action Group Population & Developm Story, Brochure, Registration, Agenda, U.N.Day, U.N.Registration
Bill Cadwallader
Fall 2006 Faculty Training Sites for new Curriculum Dan Spencer
Hershey PA Zone GETS/Leadership Forum Program/Agenda Mike McGovern
Sept. 15-16, '06 Morristown, NJ RLI of NE America Meeting Registration Form and Map and Agenda Dan Spencer
Hershey PA Zone Program & Letter & Speaker Update Mike McGovern
Sept. 26-Oct. 1, '06 Hershey, PA Zone Registration Mike McGovern
Sept. 7-8, 2007, RLI Annual Meeting, Newburgh, NY Knut Johnsen
Disclaimer: The Rotary Leadership Institute is a recommended unofficial affiliate of Rotary International, but not an official program of R. I.
The Rotary Leadership Institute of Northeast America is one branch of RLI.